Makers Market (First Sunday in Makers Valley)

Victoria Yards 16 Viljoen St, Lorentzville (opposite Nandos' head office) Sunday 5th August 10h00 to 15h00 Workshops, music, crafts, fresh produce, craft beer and pizza.   Find a list of guided tours HERE to explore Joburg on foot, by bicycle or even on a skateboard.

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The Pantry Market at Keyes

Keyes Art Mile, 22 Keyes Ave, Rosebank Saturday 28 July Taking place on the last Saturday morning of every month, the eco-friendly and plastic-free event specialises in small-batch, artisanal food products for you to take home and stock your pantry with.

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Johannesburg Collectable Book Fair

The Freemasons Hall, 8 Park Lane, Parktown Saturday 21 July, 9 am to 2.30pm An opportunity to explore the fascinating architecture and history of the Freemason's Hall and shop for antique maps, struggle posters, first editions, books on travel & exploration, postcards & antique documents.

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Mandela Day

Wednesday 18 July   Dlala Nje are bringing colour back to The Alhambra Theatre. Dlala Nje will join hands with Gordon Cook & his crew as they begin their revival of the Alhambra. Plans are underway to transform this Doornfontein gem into an exciting education-arts hub. Only 7% of all South Africa's learners in public schools are exposed to the Arts & Drama through classes or extra-mural activities. By the end of 2018, the Alhambra aims to become an inner city oasis for Jozi's kids to learn and experience the arts.   Some TLC is needed to get this iconic Theatre back to its former glory. Join Dlala Nje from 10 am to 2pm and don't forget the following: Bright Colour Paints, Paint Brushes, Rollers and Paraffin! More details: info@dlalanje.org

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Newtown Now Festival

Newtown Saturday 14th July The Newtown Now festival presents a packed programme of FREE walking tours, exhibitions, performances, new public art activations, markets, fun family events and creative workshops.

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Mandela 100 The Exhibition

Foto ZA Gallery, Shop 402, Level 4, Rosebank Mall, 50 Bath Avenue, Rosebank Sunday 1st - Tuesday 31st July  "Mandela100 The Exhibition" celebrates Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday by showcasing rarely seen historical images, invaluable archival documents and letters written to Mandela by children of all ages.

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Wonders Of Rock Art Exhibition | Sci-Bono Discovery Centre

The French Embassy is bringing the incredible Wonders of Rock Art exhibition to Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Newtown, Johannesburg. An exact reproduction of more than 2,000 figures painted on the walls of the world-famous Lascaux Cave in France which are more than 17,000 years old, this awe-inspiring exhibition transforms Sci-Bono's ground level into a life size recreation of the Lascaux cave. Complementing the French rock art paintings is a stunning exhibition of priceless rock art from the Wits Art Museum collection making this one of the most important exhibitions of ancient rock art anywhere in the world. An interactive exhibition, activities for kids include a chance to turn stone to paint and create their very own "rock art".   Date: May 17 2018 - Oct 1 2018 Venue: Sci-Bono Discovery Centre Cnr Miriam Makeba St and Helen Joseph Sts, Newtown Open 09:00-17:00, Sat, Sun 09:30-16:30.   sci-bono.co.za www.facebook.com/SciBono

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Johannesburg Transformation

Within a converted warehouse in what used to be one of the most dangerous parts of Johannesburg, you can eat gelato made by an Italian who had the machines shipped over from his family's store in Rome. You can taste golden fish from Mozambique cooked in the Congolese style, with rice and plantains, sample corn cakes with four kinds of sauce made by a Zulu bohemian who describes his style of dress as "funky Amish," or try ginger roti made by Rastafarians who, when you ask where they hail from, will tell you they are citizens of the "celestial paradise of the fifth dimension." Nearby, on a rooftop, you can dance to salsa music. On the street below, you can watch a drunken Frenchman wave his hands like a rhythmically challenged conductor while musicians play marimbas made from wooden pallets. Around the block, as techno from Zimbabwe rattles the speakers of a car parked nearby, you can meet a jeweler from one of the townships who used to get the brass for his rings by melting down discarded kerosene stoves, but now makes pieces out of silver and gold for the affluent shoppers who roam the neighborhood. Read The Full [...]

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New lease on life for the Alhambra Theatre

Anna Cox, The Star, reports on the exciting new developments at the iconic Alhambra Theatre in Doornfontein. Curtain to rise again at historic Joburg theatre THE STAR / 24 AUGUST 2017, 11:20AM / ANNA COX The grand old dame of Doornfontein, the Alhambra Theatre, is set to be transformed into a much-needed arts and training centre. The 1921 building, once famous for its theatre productions which drew people from across the country and which staged some of the best productions, has been lying empty for 20 years. The building, which was owned by Pieter Toerien, has been sold to the Affordable Housing Company (Afhco) to be turned into a centre for arts learning and training. Afhco has renovated many buildings in the Joburg CBD and, more recently, in Doornfontein. The company is also refurbishing the old, famous Jeppe Street post office into residential and retail space. Afhco chief operating officer Renney Plit said this was a project close to his heart, so much so that he pledged some of his personal finances into purchasing and refurbishing the building. Costs incurred are expected to be around R15million. The building, which has has three separate theatres and an office block, is on [...]

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